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How Many Photos Do I Need?

Updated: Dec 8, 2021


What is the optimal number of listing photos to generate leads?

Researchers at Point2 found that while too few of images may not spark the interest of a buyer, too many photos could lead to less inquiries. Why? More images could show off the entire listing and may answer the potential buyer’s questions. Therefore, there is less of an incentive to contact the listing agent.

Some may disagree and say that more images means more leads. However, a study by Streeteasy found that there is a “sweet spot” of the amount of images used per listing. They found that listings with 11 to 14 images were 6x more likely to have the buyer contact the selling agent! I am a firm believer that you want to give just enough information to spark the buyer’s interest.

How many images do I need for my listing?

I get asked this question quite frequently. The answer is as many photos as it takes to get the viewer in the front door. Each home warrants different attention of detail. There are many factors, such as the size of the home, features, and architectural details to consider. Typically, smaller homes produce between 10 to 15 images while grander homes can generate around 20 to 25 photos. In most cases, I rarely deliver over 25 images, since the NWMLS has a max upload count of 25. My goal is to capture the main features of the home giving just a sample to the viewer and encouraging them to see the home in person.

Interior Designers and Architects

As an interior designer or an architect you are probably wanting to capture the best features and highlights of your project. Depending on what is requested, each room can produce between 3 – 7 images, however this number can change based on the assignment. Why so few? Each image is meticulously crafted with extreme detail, lighting, and composition; in some cases can take between 40 minutes to over an hour to photograph. By slowing down and crafting each image, I can guarantee that every photo will capture your project more than a collection of snapshots of the space.

Quality over Quantity

Some clients want numerous images so that they can pick the top few. However, I strongly believe that one quality photograph can be more efficient than countless of poor snapshots. Each image is crafted to the detail of a magazine quality photograph. I guarantee that each selectively composed image meets your standards of a choice image. On location, I will run each set up by you to ensure that I am capturing the space as you envision.

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