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Engaging an Architectural Photographer: What to Expect

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

When you have decided that you want to get one of your designs photographed, the next thing you will have to do is contact an architectural photographer. Upon inquiring a photographer there will be a series of actions to ensure a smooth process for the project. Following is an order of steps to help you understand what to expect when you engage an architectural photographer.

Gather Information

When inquiring about a project I like to arrange a face to face meeting, schedule a phone conversation or at the least email to discuss the needs of my clients. I’ll ask about the benefits that you hope to gain from the images delivered, and also find out as much as I can about your project. This helps me know exactly what you need, and gives me a chance to find out how I can best deliver the result you are looking for.

Deliver a Quote

Once we have established what you are looking for, I will prepare a quote outlining all fees, and what will be provide within terms of images. This means you’ll know what you’re getting, when I can do the photoshoot, and you’ll have the full price with no surprises.

Book the Shoot

To set up the photoshoot, you can contact me and I’ll confirm a day and time for the session. When in discussion, I will determine the best time of day for the property; as I want to photograph when the light is just right. Depending on the scope of the project, I may need to schedule a scout day to establish the best compositions ahead of time; this will ensure a smooth shoot day. Prior to the day of the photoshoot I will confirm the session with you via email.

During the Session

Typically, I arrive at the property within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time. If I think I might be earlier or later than that, I will call to inform you of my expected arrival time. I recommend having someone at the site to meet me (unless prior arrangements have been made), as things can go wrong and I may need someone familiar with the site to find light switches, turn on a water feature, or help in some way.

Most sessions start with a full inspection of the site, and arrange any changes that need to be made (such as items moved, or certain areas cleaned). This is the time when I will define the order of the shoot, as I work out which areas will be best to photograph at different times. Once everything is organized, I will commence the photoshoot, and will be onsite for as long as it takes.

Presentation sells, this means attention to detail is very import for anything. Each photograph captured for a composition is displayed on a laptop to ensure that every arrangement is adjusted correctly. With meticulous care, each composition in crafted to guarantee that your projects look their very best.

After the shoot

Once I have finished photographing the project, I will take the images and slightly touch them up for proofing and selection. After the images are selected I take the images into post production for editing. I am very, very careful with my processing, and I incorporate some unique methods to ensure a top quality result. For example, if it is an overcast day then I will do a sky replacement, or if the grass is looking a little brown I will bring back the green. I will spend just as long, or longer, processing all of the images as I do onsite doing the photography.

Delivery of the photos

After processing, I will deliver all of the images to you via a simple link. In an email I send you, there will be a link that takes you to my website, there you will see a gallery showing the completed images, a button for downloading the images and another to download your invoice.


Once you’ve had time to go through the images, I’ll give you a call to check in that you are happy with the work we done for you. Ensuring customer satisfaction with all that I do is critical to the way I operate at Christian J Anderson Photography.

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