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4 Reasons a Photographer will Provide the Best Results

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

In Architectural and Interiors photography, it is more than just the photographer and their camera. It is their knowledge, passion, skills, and equipment that develops a professional photographer. Here are 4 reasons a (professional) photographer will provide the best results:


We as photographers have invested time and money in our gear and learning how to use it properly. By using the gear we have acquired, we can control the environment and lighting to get the best results. However, even after spending time at a property we can then spend just as long or even longer editing, using software such as Photoshop, making the images sublime. Unfortunately, by using a typical point and shoot camera or even a cell phone, it is difficult to match the image quality to a professionals. In most cases the interiors will be too dark and the outside accurately exposed or the interiors will be lit but the windows will be blown out.


Image by Krista Ann Haskins – AnnArthur Homes

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Attention to Detail

Photography is more than just setting a camera down a taking a series of images. A photographer will scout the location to determine the best angle to place the camera. Depending on the composition a photographer will need to determine if furniture may need to be adjusted, cords might need to be unplugged, decor possibly rearranged, and so much more. Even if the interior is staged and looks beautiful to the human eye, it may not read well by the camera. This is because we are trying to create a 3D space in a 2D plane. By having an attention of detail we can assure that the scene will read its best in the photo.

Control of the Situation

The facts show that most homes are not photogenic. In most cases, as stated above, the exterior will be brighter than the interior. Unless, photos are taken when the light levels are balanced, ie sunrise/sunset and twilight. In other conditions there can be reflections that need to be tamed. For example the sun bouncing off of the hardwood flooring, reflections in picture frames or stainless steel. In instances like these a professional photographer can use an array of tools to contain the situation.



Professional photographers have spent years developing their craft, practicing, and learning from other professionals in their field. This is our area of expertise and we strive to refine our craft to make it the best that it can be. A photographer has likely been faced with many difficult situations in their career, and because of that they have learned how to handle what is thrown at them. With the experience in our pockets, we are setup for success. Delivering you the best quality of images.

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