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6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Photographer

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Hiring a photographer to photograph your project or listing is a not a thing to take lightly, and sometimes can be intimidating. The property should be represented at it’s best and finding a photographer to do just that can be difficult. In most cases hiring the first photographer that you find or the cheapest can become more of an issue and end up losing you time and money. Here are some questions you should ask a photographer you are considering to hire.

Do you have a guarantee on your work?

I believe that any company that includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their product is without a doubt confident in what they can provide. In photography, this can give you a peace of mind, as there is a low risk. And any risk is entirely with the photographer.

In other words, the ideal architectural photographer is one who you pay if you are satisfied with the images. You do not want to be wasting your time and finances on a cheap and inexperienced photographer. You deserve quality work and an experienced and confident photographer can provide you with that.

Can you take an elevated photo of an exterior?

A home can greatly benefit with an elevated shot of it’s exterior. By getting the camera higher, the photographer is no longer shooting up at the home but photographing the home on a level plane. This is especially useful when a home is set upon a hill.

It could therefore be useful to locate a photographer that provides elevated exteriors, should your property ever need it.

What is your turnaround time to deliver images?

For real estate agents, getting images back quickly can mean that they can start their marketing campaign promptly. A real estate photographer should be able to deliver images the same day as the session, or at least next day. Some photographers will charge extra for fast turnaround times, while some won’t get images back to you for up to 48 hours.

Does it matter what time of the day the house is photographed?

It is important to photograph the property at the right time of day. If the front of the house is the hero shot of the exteriors then it is important to have the sun hitting the front. For example, if the estate faces west, then the best time to photograph the property is in the afternoon. Likewise, if front faces east, it is best to photograph the home mid morning. If the perspective places the sun behind the house, then the house will be dark and sun could cause flaring.

Typically, the interior of a home is not affected by the time of day as much as the exterior. However, this is not always the case as the amount of natural ambient light in a room can change the mood and feel of a space.

Additionally, photographing a home during twilight can dramatically change the feel of the property. A house with an ugly surrounding and even a luxurious home can benefit from a twilight image.

Do you do all of the image processing, or is it outsourced to someone else?

Some photography companies will outsource their images to cheap labor overseas. Though the photographer may be able to fit more homes into a day, this can become an issue for quality control.

A quality photography company should be able to do all of the processing themselves. This allows the photographer to have a consistent style. Additionally, they would be able to make sure the images represent the home at its greatest potential.

It is also worth asking if they provide sky replacement for cloudy days. In the Seattle, Tacoma, and Puyallup areas overcast days just comes with the territory. A sky swap can make a huge difference on how the property looks on all of your marketing material.

How long have you been photographing Architecture?

Experience counts for a lot when it comes to photography. It means a photographer is likely to have handled many different scenarios and they know how to handle each case. Some photographers are new to the field and still have yet to develop the necessary skills to access and handle every situation that is thrown at them. However, the number years under a photographer’s belt does not mean that they are experienced or inexperienced.

Your best option is to select a photographer who shows a quality portfolio and can provide some of their most recent work. This way you can access the quality and consistency of images that photographer can provide.

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