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6 Things That’ll Help Sell a Home Faster

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

When it comes time to sell a home, every homeowner dreams that it will sell swiftly. However, if a seller isn’t willing to invest some time and money into the property, it is likely that it will not sell fast or for as much as they were hoping for. Inman news wrote an article that lists some things that should be done to help the home sell quickly. By doing the following steps it is guaranteed that home will sell quicker. Additionally, the value of the home may benefit as well.

Stage the yard

When potential homebuyers pull up to a listing, the first thing they see is the yard. It is important that the landscape looks fresh and inviting or it could deter them from wanting to move forward. Homeowners want to do their best to make sure the property has great curb appeal, and makes a lasting first impression.

A beautiful yard can make a grand statement to how the home will look on the inside. An unkempt lawn can mean, to a buyer, that the inside is not any better.

At the least, remove weeds, rake leaves, trim hedges, mow the lawn, and clean up anything else. For a noteworthy impression, it is a good idea to go the extra mile by staging the yard. Simple touches, such as adding shrubs, new mulch, and/or grass can freshen up the landscape.

Clean, clean, clean

Any bit of dirt can make a property appear worn out or require some TLC. Thoroughly cleaning the inside and outside is a must to get the best value for the home. After staging the yard, homeowners may want to pressure wash the siding and pathways, as well as wash the windows. Often removing dirt is enough to improve the home’s appearance.

Furthermore, it is also important that the interior of the residence is cleaned from top to bottom. Homeowners need to get into corners and crevices removing any dust, grime, or dirt. Buyers will be awed by any meticulous cleaning in the kitchen and bathrooms specifically. The more immaculate the property is, the more value buyers perceive it to be.

Why invest so much time and effort into cleaning? Buyers are likely to pay more for a move-in ready home.

Remodel or upgrade

Any investment into small improvements can generate a return; new trim, paint, and flooring all create a fresh look around the estate at minimal cost. To go a step further, upgrading appliances, fixtures (lighting, faucets, etc), and windows will all make the property nicer, feel newer, and even more efficient.

Remodeling/updating the kitchen and/or bathrooms should be considered; and necessary if they are dated. This will not only help the home sell faster, but will also increase it’s value. Do note, that remodels and major updates can take a lot of time, so plan accordingly before listing.

Declutter and stage the home

It is important to declutter, by putting away all the little items, such as collectibles and images, this way potential buyers can envision their personal belongings in the home.

Afterwards, consider moving onto bigger items, such as furniture. It is essential to stage a room with the proper size and set of furniture, too much can make a room feel small and cramped. Remove any additional furniture that may not fit the space or could be blocking any potential pathways. It is also important to note, that too little of furniture can make a space feel smaller.

Additionally, it is recommended that only two appliances are left on the kitchen counters. Everything else should be stored away. A prep list can make sure nothing is forgotten and that the home is prepared for photographs and open houses.

Once the property is decluttered, consider staging. By changing layout of the furniture, a room can transform drastically. If this is a struggle, a homeowner should consider hiring a professional stager. Staging a home can increase it’s appearance and value. Just as staging the curb appeal is essential, so is staging the interiors. Equally, a properly staged home will show well in photographs, which will attract more potential buyers.

Use professional photography and marketing

In today’s market the first impression of a listing is typically online. A study by NAR shows that 90% of homebuyers are searching online to find their next home. It is essential to use professional images to attract more buyers. With more views, the time on the market is reduced and usually at a higher price. Excellent photographs is just one piece to a great marketing plan. It is important that the listing is marketed with the highest quality of detail, with no corners cut. Good marketing can make a huge difference on how homebuyers see a home.

Price effectively

It may come to no surprise that pricing a listing efficiently can help it sell faster. A good agent will be able to analyze comps and determine the best price to list the property. If a home is priced too high for the market and area it is less likely that it will get any offers. One strategy an agent may use, is to price the home just under market value. The goal is to attract more buyers and get multiple offers.

This works because the listing becomes visible to more buyers at different budgets. They see a home that is in great condition at an even better price. This most likely will draw in more buyers and that are likely to make an offer.


Ultimately, the way to sell a home fast is cleaning and remodeling (if needed), staging, and professional marketing. As a homeowner doing all of the provided steps will maximize the speed of selling and the final price. It is important not to get hung up on raising the price, but by meeting these key points will surely add value to the property. Make the listing desirable and it is likely going to entice homebuyers to make an offer.

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