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Camelot Project – Auburn, WA

Bright and Inviting Interior Design – Auburn, WA

I am always ecstatic to photograph a project for an interior designer. They put in so much detail and love in their craft to design something beautiful for their clients. This makes photographing these type of projects fulfilling and enjoyable. Recently, I was given the opportunity to photograph another project for the talented Sheila Mayden. The beautiful natural light and the design created a harmonious blend of comfort and warmth.

Each piece of the staging is meticulously placed to ensure a natural and cohesive flow for the image. We both feel that we are starting to understand one another’s workflow, know what works for the composition and what can be adjusted or removed.

As I have stated several times, though something may look good to the human eye, the camera can only see in a two dimensional plane. By adjusting each scene we can guarantee that the created photograph flows through the image.

Sheila is soon to be launching her new website, be sure to check out her page to see her gorgeous designs. If you would like to see another project we worked together on, check our the Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Design she did in Carnation, WA.

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