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  • Christian J Anderson

Modern Two-Toned Kitchen – Tacoma, WA

Scott Neste, owner and designer at Minor Details Interior Design, is a brilliant artist located in the heart of Tacoma. He and I have been talking for some time about photographing a project for him, but unable to do so due to conflicts or timing. So, when Scott contacted me with two projects that he wanted to photograph within a day I was ecstatic.

The first project was a small modern kitchen with lots of storage and immaculate detail. The wood grain on the base cabinets are grain matched, meaning that the grain flows seamlessly through the cabinet doors. To keep the space bright and airy they chose to do a two toned kitchen and opted for white wall cabinets.

Scott included toe kick drawers for added storage and a place to keep the cat bowls out of site. This project was a lot of fun to photograph, there was good company from Scott and our assistants, a beautiful subject, and furry models (the homeowner’s Siamese cats). If you would like to see more of Scott’s work, check out his Fun and Inviting Interior Design.

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